ShasPod in the News:

June 28 :   Yeshiva University Today

June 11 :   Saturday Night Live on NBC (Again!)

June 1:   Orthodox Union Jewish Action Magazine

April 9 :   Boston Jewish Advocate

March 21:   Nana (Israel)

March 21: -
Talmud to go

"To 23-year-old entrepreneur Yehuda Shmidman, convergence means technology and religion."

March 19:   Saturday Night Live on NBC

March 17:
"How can a traveler easily carry and study a 2,711 page book? If that book is the Talmud, the wise traveler obtains a ShasPod ..."

March 17:   The New York Times (Local Copy)
2,000 Tapes, or One Loaded IPod
"...the ShasPod, is a solution to a vexing question: how does a commuter study a 2,711-page book?"

March 03:   Jewish Times
"... 20 gigabyte iPod loaded with mp3 files containing a complete set of talmudic shiurim, or lessons, by a rabbi named David Grossman."

March 02:   JM in the AM
"... ShasPod, the iPod that comes fully loaded with every daf, the entire Shas ..." (1:37:50)

Release Material:

February 23:   ShasPod Flyer

March 02:   Five Towns Radio

March 02:   The Jewish Week
"... a version of Apple’s IPod digital recording device pre-loaded with lessons of the complete cycle of the Daf Yomi ..."

March 02:   beliefnet
" is taking orders for a special iPod preloaded with seven years’ worth of mp3 Talmud lessons."

March 02:   JTA NEWS

February 28:   JT NEWS
"... how much joy can be found in an empty MP3 player — especially when you can now buy one with Talmud on it? ... Not to worry, however: there’s still plenty of room on the drive for all the Shlomo Carlebach you can handle."