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Jews Across the Globe Begin 12th Daf Yomi Cycle with the ShasPod

Jews across the globe – from the USA to Venezuela to South Africa to the United Kingdom – have begun the 12th Daf Yomi cycle with the now famous ShasPod, which features over 2,500 shiurim from Rabbi Dovid Grossman of

The ShasPod first became available just in time for the Siyum HaShas via, and has now been featured in many publications including The New York Jewish Week and The Baltimore Jewish Times.

Prior to the ShasPod, various technological advances have been used by Daf Yomi veterans including cassette tapes, CD’s, and most recently, mp3 files via the internet. Looking to improve upon these formats, the ShasPod allows people to purchase one device which is already setup with everything needed to complete the Daf Yomi process. Technical knowledge of mp3 downloading is not necessary, and in fact, a computer is not even necessary. As one person commented, it is almost like having “your rebbe in your pocket!”


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